Hi,I have bin trying to grow my neared for 3 months my left side has bin coming in but my right side I get tiny buds my goatee is great love it please help

Apr 17, 2021 • 08:06

Peter Jackson

Hello very intresting article i am currently growing out my first facial hair i am on week 4 .I have Good coverage on my cheek areas and a fairly Good mustache also family and friends say it’s exactly the same color as my head hair dark brown so i have no problem with color blend .My concern is it hasn’t reached down to my mouth or anywhere on my upper chin i Can feel sprouts of growth but Can’t actually see them .At this moment of Time the facial hair as grown right along the under jawline but not above it.I have been trying everything possible to promote new growth especially on my chin area as my cheek area is Good growth so far.It appears to of stopped growing and gone Dormant .I am 40years of age if this helps to understand my problem abit more

People have said am gonna have a great beard mainly had this compiment from bearded men so is it possible they Can see my beard potential .Seeing they have one themselves .Sorry if my post is long was trying to give you guys as much information as possible .Any help or similar experience to myself would be appreciated thanks for reading

Apr 06, 2020 • 10:19


Great article! I’m in the 4-6 week stage, and I find this stage the most annoying and “unattractive” but I’m willing to put in the extra few weeks to get to where I want to be.

Apr 06, 2020 • 10:19

Eric Sullivan

can I get the e book?

Jul 24, 2018 • 04:28


I always grow a beard when I’m on leave from work, I’m a professional Firefighter so can’t have a beard at work. This time I am 4 months in and it’s as itchy as, I have tried beard balm for the 1st time with no difference, so I might have to try the beard oil. Great article thanks.

Jan 07, 2018 • 16:57

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