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Living the Beard - Update: Kenny Peterson and The Yeard

The following is a post by Kenny Peterson - you can read his original post HERE. Kenny has just recently achieved the Yeard, something that many men aspire to and far fewer actually accomplish. Congrats on the Yeard my friend! -Ian

The Yeard

Growing your beard out for one full year. No trims. No shaves. No touch ups. Nothing. Just letting it grow. This is something I had never done before. I had always cleaned up my neck line or buzzed my stache along my lip. Bad advice and techniques I had picked up over time that were not getting me to where I wanted to be. I wanted an epic beard. With an epic stache.
My journey started last year around mid-August when I decided my current beard was not up to snuff. I had been trimming my neckline too high, and buzzing my mustache along my lip line. It was an alright beard, but it wasn't very full and I was a little mad at myself for making these mistakes. I was almost a year in with this previous beard too! So I decided to shave. And start from scratch.
Everything I had been reading told me to not trim or shave or touch up my beard for at least the first six months, or one year depending on your goals. I decided upon the full year option.  It was actually pretty easy. You literally do nothing to your beard for a year. The beginning was pretty rough. I had never not trimmed my neck beard before. and the grow in stage before my beard got to any significant length was definitely not the sexiest look. but i was determined.
Eventually my neck and beard all caught up to one another and it started looking fuller then ever.  Even within 3 months my beard looked better then the previous trimmed one i worked on for nearly a year. Sweet!  All along the way i would use Beard Mountain beard oil, and comb it nearly every day. Some people loved it. Some people hated it. Its all good. My lady friend likes it. Although, she wasn't to amused while on our romantic getaway to Italy this Spring that I got "hit on" more then her. HAHA! "Bella barba!" "Grazie!"
I was honestly getting excited to trim a little bit. The hairs were really starting to get unruly. I bought some nice scissors online in preparation for the big day. And then the day came. August 25th, 2015. My beards one year birthday. A true yeard. Man was i excited and proud of myself. I trimmed the sides down a little, and my mustache a bit, but mostly just crumbs. I didn't want to change anything too significantly. And over the past few weeks I have been trimming little bits here and there.
It has been a fun journey. And this beard is not going anywhere any time soon. Who knows, maybe I'll join a beard club or something.  Thanks for reading, and thanks to Beard Mountain for helping me get here!
-Kenny Peterson
 Utah, USA

Beard Mountain
Beard Mountain


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