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A Beard Grooming Crash Course

Whether you are a beginner to the Beard Game or a veteran, Beard Grooming is important - and it is pretty straightforward once you get in the groove.  It is great to have a goal while you grow your beard, and a big part of that goal should be to have a great looking, healthy beard. Get your beard looking the way you want with these 10 easy to follow beard grooming tips.

1. Be Patient

Getting from where you are to the Beard you want takes time, no matter what else you do to make it happen. The time taken depends mostly on your genetic potential. Resist the urge to trim or style for the first 4 to 6 weeks of growing your beard, and let the beard take shape on its own. No two men will have the same length of beard grown in the same time frame. It differs from person to person. Pick a style once the beard has grown enough, and always focus on the Beard you have and how to make it look great.

2. Match your face style

It is very important to choose the beard style according to your face's shape. A perfectly matched beard makes you look good because it is consistent with the way you already look. There are many facial matching charts available online to match your style. Again, this goes back to a focus on what you have, and maximizing the things you like while minimizing anything you don’t.

3. Keep it Clean

A regular wash helps in reducing itchiness in the beard, and also keeps you in balance if you are using a lot of products. In early stages of growth, it is very important to clean the beard using a mild, natural cleanser. Random debris and dead skin cells, if trapped in the beard may lead to unwanted irritation in the skin. It is also good to wash your beard to regularly remove any of the heavier products like balms and waxes that can build up if not washed out. One thing to keep in mind here: regular does not mean daily! Over-washing your beard with products can do a lot more harm than good. The absolute best way I have found is taking cold showers and washing it with just water 6 days a week. On day 7, a hot shower with a good natural soap. That simple. The hardest part is a cold shower during a Montana Winter! Always gently pat dry the beard, and avoid rough wiping with a towel as it may lead to frizzy ends and tangles. Any good beard wash, natural soap (like Dr. Bronner's), or beard shampoo is perfect to get your beard cleaned.

4. The secrets of trimming:

The secret of effective trimming lies in knowing when and how to trim your beard, AND NOT OVERDOING IT. Find a quality trimmer and some good scissors and trim the beard from time to time. A regular trim also helps in keeping neat lines on your Beard line. You can check out my epic guide to trimming and see exactly how I do it.

5. Your secret weapon: Products

Beard oils help in taming your beard, keeping it healthy, and just making yourself more comfortable by avoiding most of the problems that a Beard can have. They come in a variety of manly scents, but the most important thing to look for is quality - there are a lot of companies trying to make a buck just selling scented carrier oils. Beard oil helps in making your beard look shiny and soft, and choosing a good quality beard oil is important to keep your beard healthy and looking its best. Beard oil actually helps the Beard grow better over the long term by lubricating the follicles and skin. A rough beard can make your loved one move away from you, so keep it smooth and soft to bring things together!

6. Eat healthy:

One of the most important ways to keep a healthy beard is by eating healthy. Essentially, the beard grows well on a high fat and protein diet. Vitamin B also plays a vital role in shaping a healthy beard. Take more of lean meat, eggs, nuts, and green leafy vegetables - and avoid crappy processed foods and sugar. Keeping your Testosterone as high as possible is the ultimate goal here. For more ways to do that naturally, head over to Anabolic Men. It is the best resource I have found on the entire internet.

7. Keep your skin fresh:

Get a facial steam. It helps to open out the pores in your face. It also makes your skin feel fresh. Any unwanted dirt collected in your beard will get cleared. It is a simple way to make yourself feel fresher. This isn’t one you will hear often, but it is a good beard booster.

8. Give attention to your mustache:

Growing an epic beard means having a great looking mustache too. Unless you have chosen the chinstrap or whaler. A good mustache compliments your beard in a major way - it is like a multiplier. You can take a look at how I tamed my mustache for a more in-depth look at the process.

9. Take supplements:

If you are not satisfied with the diet food, you can opt for taking extra multivitamin supplements. If you are committed to having a great looking beard, it is an easy way to keep your vitamin level to get a healthy and shiny beard. I personally don’t really do much here, but I don’t feel like I need to. Keep in mind that the big thing with supplements is that they “supplement” your body’s store of any given nutrient. If you are deficient in something, a supplement can do great things. If you are already getting everything you need from your diet, you will literally be flushing your money down the toilet, or potentially even harming yourself!

10. Sleep well:

A good night's rest is essential for a healthy beard. When you sleep well, your skin looks better and so does your beard. Your beard is sure to look glowing with healthy, when you are well rested. Sleep is essential to pretty much every part of your overall health, so don’t short yourself here - get some sleep!

Bottom line - Overcome obstacles and have a great beard!

A great looking beard makes you feel great. The initial stages of growing a beard are challenging for the majority of guys, but do not give up hope. If you want a good and healthy beard, enjoy the process of growing it. The Beard will take time to become the way you want it. Maintaining a healthy beard and regularly following beard grooming tips will help you make it over the long term, and get the shining, manly beard that anyone would admire!

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