Beard Balm - The Hidden Truth

The secret world of Beard Balm

You have Beard Balm, you have Beard Oil, what's the difference?
The key to beard growth and quality is maintenance, right? We all know that. That message has been passed down through generations. All beards come with the itchy period, the 2 week period where they look great and then the 4 week period where they look terrible. It happens. We all go through it.
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The key to getting through these periods without too much irritation and the result of your frustrations actually being worth it, with a strong looking beard, is beard care. If you wanted to get bigger biceps and go through the pain of eating healthy but don't actually workout and take care of your body, would the struggle be worth it? Probably not, beard growth is very much the same. Why go through the itchy period if the result isn't going to be a strong healthy beard?
There is a reason the beard care industry is exploding, because it works. There is no question about that, there are vast amounts of YouTube videos documenting the improvement. The proof is in the proverbial pudding.
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What is the difference between Beard Oil and Beard Balm? 

To kick it off, let's look at the ingredients of the Beard Mountain Balms, they have a little added extra for fantastic hold. We will take the Wild Yukon as an example:
  • Shea Butter
  • Jojoba
  • Argan
  • Tea Tree
  • Lime
  • Lavender
  • Clove
  • Beeswax (Our little secret for extra hold)
So you have the fresh combination of scents, that is a given here. Your beard will smell fantastic. Besides that, what are the differences?
The key with the Balm is to lock-in the moisture to keep your beard healthy and lock-in the beard oil to keep it soft throughout the day. The Beeswax gives it a little extra hold without the strong-hold nature of wax products. It keeps everything look natural with a little bit of secret control. 
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So when you combine this with oil, it keeps the benefits of the oil working throughout the day, reducing itchiness and softening the skin and beard. It essentially keeps the beard care working for you all day long rather than quick care in the morning.
Beard Care is a long game, the results are fantastic, the products work in combination to leave you with healthy beard encouraging growth and reducing scraggly hairs.
Beeswax is used for hold, butter for spreadability, and oils for hydration, nutrients, and scent.

Choosing A Beard Balm

Choosing a balm with natural ingredients is absolutely vital. Chemicals found in normal balms can dry out your skin significantly which results in the dreaded beardruff. Using a balm with natural ingredients keeps the moisture in your beard and skin and helps to avoid the flakiness.
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As your skin dries out when your beard grows, flaky skin becomes a real issue. Don't worry, everyone goes through it. But it really impacts the quality and look of your beard.
This is where the Balms come into a world of their own. The oils and butters keep your beard hydrated throughout the day, moisturizing, ensuring you don't have dry skin. In turn, this reduces the flaky aspects of the growth and leaves your beard looking fresh and strong. It's a great way to avoid a lot of the common issues of beard growth and it is exactly why the beard care industry has grown exponentially.

The Application Of Beard Balm

The application of Beard Balm is very simple, you take a pea-sized portion on your finger and massage throughout the beard. The more your spread around the better the performance. Focus initially on the roots of the hair follicles and work your way outwards.
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To ensure even distribution across your beard, I would recommend using a Beard Brush. The purpose of the brushes are to evenly move the balm throughout your beard meaning no area is left without proper care! 
The Beard Balms themselves do contain nutrients for your beard, but when combined with an oil you really reach maximum performance. Lock in the essential oils and watch your beard grow.

When should you use Beard Balm?

After you shower, think of Beard Balm as a form of leave in conditioner. Use it after you shower and leave it in to work it's magic throughout the day. When drying your beard, do so gently. Don't rub, pat down. The reason is to avoid irritation and to leave the balm in and spread evenly. 
The key is to always let these products work their magic.
A well cared for beard it a beautiful and obvious thing. You can tell a quality beard from a mile off and those who know, know. A lot of respect from the beard world goes out to a well maintained beard.
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Yeah, we sell Beard Balms individually, sure. The real beard care for 2019 is found in beard kits though. They provide everything you need to get that beard strong and powerful in 2019.
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