Beard Itch - How To Stop It?

Beard Itch

How To Stop Beard Itch?

Beard Itch is the foe of many men who attempt to grow a killer beard. The irritation caused by growing out your beard can reach make or break. It leaves many men to question, is the killer mane look really worth all of the itch?
To understand what actually prevents the irritation when growing your beard, we need to cover what actually causes it.
Beard Itch

What Causes Beard Itch?

I was really fortunate to have this explained to me by a veritable "beard wizard" and pretty much the most knowledgeable guy ever on the subject of facial hair, and he broke it down like this:
Look at it this way, the natural state of the beard and face is to have a protective coating of oil that is produced in the skin. But because we find many of the characteristics that go along with this natural oil unattractive - great home for odor producing bacteria, a magnet for dirt and dead skin cells- we wash our beards and face regularly.
Stop Beard Itch
The natural oil production is more than enough to protect just skin even from regular washing, but the beard is a sponge, it literally wicks the oil away from the skin; unfortunately, our faces don't produce as much of this oil as our scalps do. So now we are left with both dry beard beds (the skin under the beard) and beard hairs.
So essentially, the beard hair removes all of the natural oil from your skin. This means the skin underneath becomes dry and the friction of the hair becomes irritable. This is the cause of the dreaded beard itch.
Not only does it cause an itch, it flakes and then become beard dandruff which is even worse. The itch essentially becomes visible!

So Beard Itch Can Be Removed By Not Washing?

Keeping the natural oils in the skin would reduce the itching. But they cannot breathe underneath the beard. Not only that, bacteria would gather from lack of washing and the texture would become greasy and it would begin to smell.
Despite how time efficient it would be, we do need to shower!
Stop Beard Itch For Good

How To Stop Beard Itch?

Ah, the golden question of many a man. The perfect solution is to use an oil that soaks into the skin and remains there all day. You need to replace the natural sebum by mimicking it. 
Using a natural oil that moisturizes the skin, allowing the beard and skin to breathe and continues to do so throughout the day prevents the key issue - dry skin.
This means that the skin remains soft and supple all day, so the hair no longer irritates it. With no dry skin, there is no flake and no beard dandruff.
This is why many beard care experts drum on that taking care of your beard is absolutely essential.
When you apply beard oil, you stimulate the hair follicles which encourages growth and a far more healthy growth as the skin has air.
Beard Itchiness

What to look for with Beard Oil?

Natural. You need to use a natural oil that is handmade. This is very important as you do not want non-natural chemicals to dry out your skin further or cause any kind of reaction. 
The best carrier oils that mimic Sebum include the following ingredients:
  • Jojoba (the only oil that truly mimics sebum)
  • Grapeseed
  • Sweet Almond
  • Argan or Moroccan
  • Castor
  • Coconut
  • Olive

Beard Itchiness During Growth

Why should you be using Beard Oil?

There is only one real reason why you should be using beard oil: Because you deserve an awesome beard. I struggled with growing my beard for as long as I can remember, and when I finally started oiling my beard it was like night and day. The bottom line is that there is really no reason to let totally normal stuff keep you from having the beard that you want to have.

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Get Some Beard Oil!
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