10 Benefits of Beards with Beard Oil


you're here because you're ready to take your beard growth to the next level, right? 🤷‍♂️ or maybe this is your first time growing a beard and you've been wondering what's the best approach you could take? you might have experienced slow, patchy or itchy growth that discouraged you. we've been there, and we're here to help you climb this beard mountain.

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control dry itchy skin with beard oil

1. control dry skin & itching

when the natural oil of your skin dries out, flaking can occur - which causes itching. cold weather can also cause flaky, dry skin. don't use body soap or hair products in an attempt to eliminate dry, itchy skin. your best bet would be to use the products made specifically to eliminate and prevent this problem. beard oil
eliminate dandruff with carrier oils

2. eliminate dandruff

the two major causes of 'beardruff' are dry skin (often caused by environmental factors) and fungal infections. after a shower or washing your face - which could unfortunately remove the natural oils from your skin and beard that keep them from drying out - it's best to wash with an anti-dandruff shampoo followed by consecutive daily use of a beard oil


fight facial acne with essential beard oil

3. helps fight acne

when your beard is not properly hydrated, it will begin to absorb the natural oils in your face causing it to dry out. the skin will respond by over-producing the natural oil in an effort to compensate for the oils that are withdrawn, which will likely cause acne. this is why we recommend DAILY use of beard oils to maintain oil balance between your beard and your face. when choosing, go for an oil that contains JOJOBA - the natural ingredient that conditions your hair and moisturizes the skin underneath
fight against beard patchiness with all natural essential oils

4. fight against patchiness

unfortunately, patchiness is mostly the result of genetic makeup. that's okay, embrace it! these patches could also just take some time to fill in, which also sucks, but we've got a subscription S.Y.S.T.E.M.
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to help you better manage, truly enjoy and make the best of your beard growing journey, we'll send you a bottle of oil every month. so instead of getting an implant or simply giving up, consider an accountability subscription
beard oil makes it easier to manage facial hair

5. better maintenance

beard oil is hydrating to the skin and helps soften and tame beard hairs. it moisturizes your facial hair then acts as a styling agent making it easier to manage grooming, maintain consistent growth, detangle knots and keep your hair growing in the preferred direction.
take control of your beard style with beard oil

6. styling and control

when using beard oil, you're nourishing and protecting the hair and skin. that's all fun, but some of us are even more excited about the accessability of actually looking like a boss. beard oils are enriched with micro-nutrients and vitamins that improve beard and skin health, inevitabely strengthening hair follicles making it easier to undo knots without leaving your bathroom counter looking like the floor of a barbershop. daily beard oil use promotes healthy facial hair, which creates ideal beard growth conditions making it much easier to control and style that glorious mane every day of the week, not just during the weekend.


beard oil helps keep your face cooler in the summer

7. it's cooler down there

while oil-based products are undoubtedly oily, they often introduce a cooling factor to the lower half of your face if used consistently. but it's not the beard oil itself that you should rely on for cooling during the summer. it's also the beard. the beard acts as an cooler as sweat from your skin evaporates and creates a flow of air out of the beard giving off a cooling effect. the oil comes into play by keeping your hairs detangled and straightened giving the air more room to flow through your shaded jawline. while the air flows through effortlessly, moisture stays close to the face creating a chill when winds flow through your beard hair.
for facial fragrances use a scented beard oil instead of cologne

8. good smelling fragrance

let's get something out of the way. cologne is NOT designed for your beard (or any hair). generally cologne contains alcohol or other drying agents and the last thing you want to do is spray alcohol in your face and promote a dry skin or beard. need we remind you that alcohol is damaging? beard oils on the other hand (at least the ones we use) are made completely of natural, holistic and carefully chosen ingredients that won't saturate or dry out your hair, but often come with many beneficial properties like hydration or UV protection (which helps fight skin cancer). consider trying one of our scented oils right now for just $1. you can switch the product in your subscription if you decide you'd like to try a different scent next month. you'll love it!


growing a beard and using beard oil daily can make you more confident

9. more confidence

oils aside for a sec; let's talk about your beard. how could your beard evince confidence? first, it makes you seem more masculine and people generally assume that you're an alpha-male. a beard boasts maturity and is often associated with strength or aggression which inherently categorizes you into some elevated social status. because of these factors, growing a beard can give your self-esteem a hefty boost and since more people will assume that you're an alpha-male, you're far more likely to be treated like one.
growing a beard says a lot about your patience

10. seal the deal

growing a beard takes time, patience and often some genetic inheritance, which also shows women that you're (obviously) patient. it shows them that you have dominant genes, that you have some consistency in your life and an ability to commit to something. according to science, your beard can be a symbol of alpha-male dominance. While light stubble beards were most attractive according to a study from 2008, full beards were rated for social maturity, parenting ability, and for being more masculine and aggresive. What woman do you know who has no interest in security, social status, or parenting? sure, we know a few too, but those women aren't typically expressing much interest in dating either. Topping your beard growth off with keeping it well-managed and smelling good creates for you a means of sending sexy signals to prospective admirers.

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