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It's the ingredients that MAKE OUR BEARD OILS and BEARD BALMS WORK!


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the best way to grow a long beard is to find a way to stick with it

Our research has found that the best way to stick with it, is to make it comfortable when growing your beard. You can do this by using beard Mountain beard products and beard kits.

Beard Mountain makes beard shaping easy, beard grooming simple, and stops the itch immediately. Without our products, growing a beard can be intolerable. With Beard Mountain beard care products, growing a beard can be pleasent and satifying

Beard Mountain products are designed to make grooming easy and stop the itch,
this way you can stick with it, enjoy the process, and grow a long beard

The reason they work is because they

Moisturize the skin under your beard with essential oils.

Penetrate your facial hair follicles with nutrients to stop irritation.

Relax your whiskers and facial hair to allow for shaping.

Soften the tips of your facial hair to stop the bristles from poking your skin.

Form and shape your beard using a holding ingredient.


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Because of reviews like this, all of our products come with a money back guarantee

“I got this kit for my boyfriend for Christmas and everything about it was a major success. The scent is phenomenal, and the products are also excellent, per the bf. As a bonus, the shop owner was also a dream to work with. I highly recommend these beard management products and will definitely buy from this shop again! ”


“ The products from Tim and Beard Mountain are top of the line. I’ve tried oils from other companies and none have the quality that you get from Beard Mountain. I’m a huge fan of the Wild Yukon and Original scents as they both are my go-to. The huge refill bottles are the way to go once you’ve locked in your favorite(s). ”


“Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. The smell is more subtle than I expected which he is happy about. Its a very nice woody smell. He has used it twice and his very wiry beard already seems a bit softer. Shipped very quickly. ”


“ Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about it at first but it actually does work. A couple days into using, my boyfriend's beard started seeming thicker. Now if only I can get him to remember to use it, ha. It smells really good too, just saying. ”


“ Fantastic product! Great consistency and hold, and the scents are amazing. I've tried some mustache and beard products with scents so faint they may as well not exist. Not these! You'll be smelling the goodness all day. ”


“ Love this product, makes your face smell great. Before getting into beard oils, I wasn’t sure what they actually did or if they work. After using them for a couple of weeks, the hair on my face is softer and my skin looks healthy. Products always arrive quickly, and I was happy to get my “man card” with lifetime discounts. Will definitely continue to buy from this company! ”


beard oil for men

made with safe ingredients that are skin healthy

All of our products are hand selected from the highest quality makers and are chosen for the history of healthy benefits.

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manufactured using earth friendly processes

Our Products are hand made, there are no chemicals used and no waste is produced that will harm the environment. All processes use very little amounts of energy so we do not leave a noticeable carbon footprint.

At beard Mountain we work hard to make your life better

We've combed the internet, visited libraries and studied research and medical papers everywhere.

We've also asked beardsmen across the country about their experiences and what works and what doesn't.

Our beard products stop the itch and make your daily beard grooming carefree and fast. We have kits that include wax, oil, and balms and you can also buy them individually

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We strive to make you look great, smell excellent and feel confident so you can tackle every day with tons of energy.

To do this, we’ve specifically developed products to make beard grooming quick and easy everyday. This way, growing a beard is comfortable and you can stick with it, with pleasant scents that aren't overbearing.

All of our products are made with hand selected ingredients, sourced from trusted makers and chosen because of their long history of healthy benefits.

Beard Mountain, the handmade, natural way to feel great, smell awesome and get the beard and mustache you want.

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  • Stop itching and irritation
  • Promotes healthy natural beard growth
  • Stimulates hair follicles and keeps them healthy
  • Contains natural antiseptic and antifungal properties
  • Hydrates and nurtures the skin under your beard
  • Relaxes dry and scraggly whiskers
  • Makes you smell great
  • Keeps your beard smooth soft, healthy and shiny