Fathers Day Surprise

We’ve never done this before.

At first, we were gonna do what everyone else does and throw together a “Father's Day Gift Set”...

But then I thought…


Most dad’s with beards would LOVE this… So why deprive them of that?


It’s better than them getting the WRONG gift, or worse, NO gift…


So for all the dads out there...


I’m giving away the Father’s Day Bundle for FREE.


Because I’m a dad myself. 


And I want to get rid of every obstacle preventing you from getting this for a dad out there that deserves it.


All I ask in return is you help us out with shipping. Fair?


Here’s what you’ll be getting:


Father's day special


Original Mustache Tranquilizer $8


This is like lip balm for his beard. When a man’s mustache grows it gets caught in his mouth a lot. It makes things like eating and kissing his lady awkward. This solves that problem.



Original Beard Oil $15


This oil is like a VIP experience for a man’s face. It nourishes his beard with healthy essential oils. It also carries a masculine scent from the Bergamot that isn’t too overbearing.



Original Beard Polish $15


For an wild beard, this keeps everything in check and helps him look presentable.


This would cost you $38 on BeardMountain.com.


I’ve never done this before, and I most likely won’t do it again. 


But I’m doing it in the spirit of Father’s Day.