Finding The Right Blend

Welcome to the blend findorator.

Beard Mountain products have always been made for results. We are not a scented carrier-oil company.  Choosing which blend is right for you is usually pretty simple if you take a look below and see the differences in our blends.



Wild Yukon


Scent Strong mint with notes of Pine. Earthy Mellow, spiced citrus scent Unscented
Essential Oils

Mint, Pine, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lemon, Cedarwood, Thyme

Tea Tree, Lime, Lavender, Lime Only Carrier oils

Best for 

Guys looking to enhance growth and deal with itch especially Good all-around oil for keeping the skin and Beard clean and neat. Great for larger Beards. Lighter than original. Excellent for all types of Beards

Biggest Complaint

Scent is too strong/ powerful No real complaints here yet None here either.

Our 2 Cents

If you want something that can help the beard grow in better, Original is great. It is a bit stout, but the scent does die down pretty fast. This is the oil that helped me actually grow my Beard.

If you have a decent Beard already and just want a great smelling oil to keep it clean and sharp and your face healthy, Wild Yukon is a great option.

If you are looking for an awesome, no-frills way to keep the Beard Healthy and moisturized, Badlands is your blend.