Beard Mountain Frequently Asked Questions

If you find yourself on this page, you are looking for answers.

Check out Below for answers to some of the most common questions we get here at Beard Mountain.

1. "How Do I Use Beard Products?"

I hear this quite often, and I am happy to help.

The only challenge with this question is that the majority of the time, what guys really want to know is,

2. "How much beard oil potion, beard potion, or beard balm do I use?"

That one is tough to answer exactly because every beard is different, and will require different amounts of product.  Here are some good starting points:

Beard Potion

Try about 4-5 drops in your palm, and work between your hands. If you end up a bit greasy after 15 minutes, use less next time.  If you feel like you could benefit from more, try 6-7 drops next time.


Beard Balm/Polish



Scratch a blob out on the back of your thumb nail; maybe about the size of a chewed up piece of gum. Rub between your palms until you feel it totally melt, and work onto the beard in a downward motion - kinda pull it through. It is hard to get too much in the beard (you usually just end up with excess on your hands), but if it doesn't feel uniform across the Beard you may need a bit more.


Beard Oil



Mustache Tranquilizer 

This one is probably the most straight forward product to use. Just apply it like a lip balm, but to your Mustache.  Give it a few passes and rub a time or two with your fingers to melt in the product.  Reapply as needed.

    I have made these Videos below to demonstrate how to use each product as well.  It isn't too in depth, for the sake of brevity.

    3. "Where Can I get Beard Mountain Products?"

    As we have grown, Beard Mountain gets more and more requests for options to buy locally.

    We are doing our best to provide this service to our customers, but our main focus is to provide the best possible experience and grow naturally.  With that in mind, growing a distribution network is kinda secondary to that main goal.

    We do however have several small retailers carrying Beard Mountain products.  You can find these locations on our Retail Page.

    If you are interested in becoming a Retailer of Beard Mountain products, please complete the Retail Application, agree to the terms, and submit your information.  You will be contacted as quickly as possible, and every submission will be responded to.

    If you run a great website and would like to hear about Beard Mountain Affiliate opportunities, complete the Affiliate Application and we will respond to your request.

    4. "Who Is Beard Mountain?"

    You can find out more about Beard Mountain HERE, and get to know our entire team on the Meet the Team Page.

    5. "I Have More Questions, What Should I Do?"

    You are more than welcome to contact me via the Contact Page, or shoot us a comment below.  We will do our best to answer any questions you might have as quickly as we can, and if it is a really good one it might even make it on this page.

    Thanks for being part of Beard Mountain - Live the Beard.