INK RX has totally changed the game for tattoo aftercare

INK RX is your all natural resource for taking proper care of your tattoos. brand new or 10 years old, ink rx has you covered

Moisturize the skin with natural ingredients.

Heal your tattoo without irritation.

Protect the skin to prevent cracking.

Brighten and revitalize older tattoos.

Relax knowing your tattoo is being taken care of.

Protect against sun damage, acting as a sunscreen.

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INK RX is made up of 3 simple natural ingredients

Pure High Quality Shea Butter

All Natural Aloe Vera extract

All Natural Vitamins A and D

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our users love ink rx

“I got INK RX after getting seeing what Shay used. I wanted something natural to help it heal and this worked amazing! ”

Jake y.

“ The products from Tim and Beard Mountain are top of the line. I’ve tried other products and i was never satisfied. Shay uses ink rx so i tried! Ingredients mean a lot to me and this was all natural. ”


“Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. He has some 10 year old tattoos that literally came back to life after using INK RX. So glad i saw AJ useing this product! ”


“ Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about it at first but it actually does work. A couple days into using, my boyfriend's tattoo started healing faster. Now if only I can get him to remember to use it, ha. ”


“ Fantastic product! Iv'e gotten a ton of tattoos before and always just used lotion. INK RX moisturizers 10x what lotion does. ”


“ Love this product, it turned my older dry looking tattoos into new vibrant ones. I could not belive the difference. Shay was'nt lying when he said this stuff works! Will definitely continue to buy from this company! ”


made with safe ingredients that are skin healthy

All of our products are hand selected from the highest quality makers and are chosen for the history of healthy benefits.

manufactured using earth friendly processes

Our Products are hand made, there are no chemicals used and no waste is produced that will harm the environment. All processes use very little amounts of energy so we do not leave a noticeable carbon footprint.

Ultimate convenience with the small 5ml tube.

Perfect for your pocket, purse or just about anywhere.

We've also asked tattoo artists what ingredients to use and ones to stay away from.

INK RX is made using all natural ingredients

Massive 4oz jar to keep at home for everyday use.

Perfect for people with multiple tattoos.

24 times the amount as the 5ml.

INK RX is made using all natural ingredients