Meet The Team - Beard Mountain

Meet The Team

It takes a team to move a mountain, especially a Beard Mountain.

The Brains

Meet Ian, the brains behind Beard Mountain Trading Company.  When he isn’t tinkering with new formulas for the next Beard Potion, you can find him coding the website, tweaking our designs, analyzing our operations, or any number of other nerdly activities. Ian is an avid reader and compulsive learner, and stays busy teaching himself every new thing he can get his hands on as well as constantly honing his skills and abilities in new and fun ways. Ian is the brain that formulated the Beard Mountain Trading Company Beard Potion, Mustache Wax, and Beard Balm, and also designed the whole project of creating this Montana made brand and taking it to the world.

Some Stats on the Brain:

The Muscle

The muscle behind Beard Mountain Trading Company is none other than Ian, the guy that makes it all happen on the ground.  From mixing product to shipping, Ian has his hands on every piece of this company and has been carrying the work load since day one with his strong and slightly primate-like hands.  Every product gets pulled up in his big, strong arms and is gently sent upon its way.  This man is the work horse of Beard Mountain, and we couldn’t make it happen without him.

Critical Stats on the Muscle:

The Heart

Last, but definitely not least, is Ian – the tender lovin heart of Beard Mountain.  This passionate young man is driven to deliver what this world needs, one beard at a time.  When he isn't taking a long walk, reflecting on his life, or singing along to a little REO Speedwagon in the car, he is working diligently to reach out to people just like you.  Ian loves connecting with people, and runs all of our customer service, social media, and even feeds the fish (sometimes they let him pet them).  He is the heart that sets the beat Beard Mountain marches to.

Some special notes on the Heart: