The Man Behind The Brand

Tim Huck - Beard Mountain 

Beard Mountain was created with one goal in mind, to deliver great beard care to great men.
Based out of Billings, Montana and established in 2014, we produce each product by hand to ensure authenticity and to guarantee exceptionally high quality. 
Our team live by one simple message: LIVE THE BEARD.
I didn't start growing a beard, making beard oil, or start a facial hair club because I was interested in joining some kind of elite bearded brotherhood.  I started growing a beard because to me it is one of the only physical expressions of being a Man. 
I believe in being a Man, in making your own way and finding your own path.
Living the Beard is about making it happen - for yourself.  If you have to keep it tidy for a job or the lady, it's about having the sharpest beard you can - not about giving up or getting ostracized because you trim.  It's about making it work.
Living the Beard is about the true Bearded lifestyle - the dynamic, ever-changing beard.
I don't care if you want to grow a killer Fu Manchu,  a big old yeard, or just want to keep it short, the important thing to me is that you do your own thing and make it work for you.
You gotta do it for you, or there is no point.
 Live The Beard