Badlands Beard Potion (oil)

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Get a softer, fuller beard naturally with a therapeutic-grade essential oil made by hand in Montana. The Badlands oil protects from dandruff, dry skin and itchiness. It promotes a healthier, more natural growth and conditions both your beard and skin. It softens scraggly ends leaving a more full and thick beard.

about the product

SCENT: This product is unscented!

Badlands Beard oil uses the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils we could find. It's made by hand in Montana and is both natural and organic. It contains a blend of oils that are great for your skin and beard. The oil protects against dandruff and dry skin as well as itching. It promotes a healthier and more natural growth as well as helps condition your skin and hair. The Badlands Beard Oil softens each strand of hair and scraggly ends, making your beard both look and feel fuller. It's a perfect blend of beard oils and softeners that you're sure to love.

How do I know if I need Beard Oil?

If you have a beard, you need beard oil. You want to have a healthy, soft and shiny beard. You don’t want beardruff. You want to increase the softness of your beard. You need beard oil if you want to have a healthier skin. ingredients: jojoba grape seed argan

Badlands Beard Potion (oil) Benefits


  • jojobaJojoba is an ingredient in the Badlands scent from Beard Mountain

  • grape seedGrape seed a unique ingredients add a bit of flare to the Beard Mountain Badlands Scent

  • arganArgan is a key ingredient in the Beard Mountain Badlands Beard Oil.


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