Granite Peak Wild Yukon Bundle

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Wild Yukon Scent is a sweet, crisp blend of lavender, cloves, and tea tree.  You are saving over $30 with this bundle.  Beard oil is for the skin under your beard and for softening your beard whiskers. Beard balm is to shape and control your beard.  Mustache Wax is to form your mustache. The Wash and Conditioner are for extra protection to help stop the itch. These products contain natural essential and botanical oils that keep you refreshed and comfortable.  

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE IF NOT FULLY SATISFIED!  You will feel refreshed and comfortable so that growing or keeping a beard is easy! FREE shipping on ALL orders in the U.S.

about this kit

 This bundle contains all of the following of our Beard Mountain Wild Yukon Scent: 1 oz Beard Oil, 2 oz Beard Balm, a stick of Mustache Wax, 8 oz of Cypress Scent Beard Wash, 8 oz of Beard Conditioner, a Beard Brush, a Beard Comb, and a Beard Scissors.  Wild Yukon Beard Oil is the most potent scent in the Beard Mountain scent collection yet not so much as to turn heads by being too strong.  The sweet, fresh scent of the Yukon is captured and bottled for you to freshen your day and lighten your spirit.  It is created with clove, lavender, tea tree, argan, and is a therapeutic-grade mix that encourages healthy skin.  All of these ingredients are carefully selected for their natural and unique properties.  The base oil we use is a blend of jojoba, grape seed, and argan oils.  The blend is then infused with a complex series of natural extracts and essential oils.  The end result is an oil that is extraordinarily light, deeply moisturizing, and fast-absorbing.  These products will keep your skin soft and healthy and your beard smooth and shiny while allowing you to shape your beard and mustache however you like.  This scent is herbal and earthy, with a hint of citrus and pine.  If you don't like our product we don't want your money.  Go to the bottom and click on Refund Policy to read the details.


    Potion Benefits:

  • Stops the itch and irritation
  • Promotes healthy natural beard growth
  • Stimulates hair follicles and keeps them healthy
  • Contains natural antiseptic and antifungal properties
  • Hydrates and nurtures the skin under your beard
  • Relaxes dry and scraggly whiskers
  • Makes you smell great
  • Keeps your beard smooth soft healthy and shiny
  • Use as a leave-in conditioner
  • Use on any length or thickness of beard

    Polish Benefits:

  • Additional ingredients from the potion that hydrate the skin
  • Extra control to style and shape your beard
  • Additional ingredient that promote healthy hair follicles
  • Contains shea butter with a hint of beeswax for the added control
  • Use the polish with or without the Beard Mountain beard potion
  • Smells great and makes you smell great
  • Keeps your beard smooth soft healthy and shiny
  • Use on any length or thickness of beard

    Tranquilizer Benefits:

  • Used to shape your mustache into any style
  • Maximum control for any length mustache
  • Keeps your mustache off your lips
  • Skin and follicle benefits just like the other products
  • Dispensed from a convenient tube that fits in your pocket
  • Control your style and keep your mustache from annoying you
  • Maximum control for any length mustache


  • jojoba Jojoba is an ingredient in the Badlands scent from Beard Mountain

  • grape seed Grape seed a unique ingredients add a bit of flare to the Beard Mountain Badlands Scent

  • argan Argan is a key ingredient in the Beard Mountain Badlands Beard Oil.

  • clovecloves in a cup

  • lavenderfield of lavender in a sunset

  • tea tree oiltea tree branch and oil in a bottle

Instructions for use

This product sample kit lets you experience each of our three beard and mustache products to feel how they work together to provide you an awesome result while smelling great. 
The potion nurtures your skin, the polish shapes your beard, and the tranquilizer tames your mustache and makes it do whatever you want.

For best results use these products in this order; the potion, then the polish, and finally the tranquilizer.

Here are the instructions for each.

Always use a small area of the skin to check for allergy or reactions the first time you use any new product. 

To use the Beard Mountain beard potion: Shake before use then apply a penny-sized amount to your hand and rub between your palms and even onto your fingers.  Apply to your face by trying to rub into skin beneath the beard as the goal is to condition your skin with the polish.  This will also cover the hair of your beard as well and if you require more beard shaping you can apply the beard polish next.  Apply once or twice a day and after showers to recondition your facial skin.  If the fragrance is overwhelming, you've used too much, so reduce the number of drops during the next application for a more balanced and desirable smell.  Use the beard polish for a quick way to freshen up after a long day or after things like cigar smoking to smell great anytime of day.  If a reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately.

To use the Beard Mountain beard polish: Follow these steps for the best results.  First take a small glob of Polish with a finger, a pea sized chunk is good for a small or medium beard and a fingernail sized blob is good for a large, thick beard.  Take the blob and wipe it onto your palm and rub your palms together vigorously in a circular motion to melt the Beard Polish in your hands.  Make sure it is all melted.  Rub the melted polish directly into your beard by wiping, massaging, and running your fingers through your beard to evenly distribute the polish.  You should notice an amazing smell almost immediately.  After you are done rubbing in the polish, you can run a comb or brush through your beard to shape it or just manipulate it and shape it with your hands.  Because the beard polish was melted first it will leave only a shine.  Use once or twice a day.  Applying the beard polish after showering will give you amazing shaping results.

To use the Beard Mountain mustache tranquilizer: Scratch a little off with your finger or apply directly from the tube. Either way, apply the tranquilizer directly to your mustache.. You should notice an amazing smell almost immediately. Use fingers and thumbs to spread the tranquilizer throughout your mustache and then bend, twist, and shape your mustache to look any way you want. The heat generated from rubbing the wax into the mustache should melt any visible wax and leave only shine. Use once or twice a day, and after taking a shower to re-shape the look you desire.

Tested on and Loved by Bearded and Mustached Men all over the world!

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