Ink Rx Tattoo Salve

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Ink Rx Tatto Savlve by Beard Mountain will heal, maintain, repair, and revitalize your tattoo.  A perfect mix of salves, nutrients, and vitamins, we use only the highest-quality, special formula of ingredients. 

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE IF NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED.  Our Ingredients are sourced from the most reputable suppliers.  Free Shipping on all orders in the USA.

about this product

Use this daily on your fresh tattoo to help it heal but also dry out.  This product really does do it all.  Using it from day one of your tattoo can greatly increase your chances of keeping that tattoo looking fresh and new for years!  A perfect mix of Shea Butter, Vitamins A&D Ink Rx by Beard Mountain is hand-made with a high-quality, special formula of ingredients.  

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF NOT FULLY SATISFIED!  Click on Refund Policy to read the details.  These are the ingredients in the Beard Mountain Premium Beard Deodorant.  Use it to help new tattoos heal properly and use it to revitalize old tattoos! bring them back to life!

A perfect mix of Shea Butter, Vitamins A&D.

Rub a small amount on your fingers and apply lightly to the tattoo.

Recommend 1 time a day after first getting the tattoo. (your fresh ink needs to breathe)

Once that tattoo is healed then feel free to use as much as desired for maintenance of all your ink!