Original Beard Polish

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A pampering experience for your beard. Southern Spice Beard Polish is made with therapeutic grade ingredients to cleanse the beard, add shine, and nourish the skin underneath. The essential oil blend of clove, orange and lime creates a zesty scent that invigorates the senses. It's also a great way to open up conversations with your fellow man.

DESCRIPTION scent: Original Beard Polish Wax With A Fantastic Spicy Citrus Blend of Orange, Lime, Clove & White Musk.

about this Beard Mountain product

You've decided to grow a beard, and the next logical step is to get a Beard Polish. The Original Beard Polish is one of our most popular products here at the Mountain. It will give you that extra push in your quest for facial hair greatness. The Original Beard Polish is a blend of moisturizing oils that will leave your beard feeling soft and looking healthy. It is infused with a light citrus scent that is clean and fresh. It's not overpowering, but will leave you smelling great.
The Original Beard Polish is perfect for those who are growing out their beard, or for those who have a short beard that needs a little TLC. It will condition your beard and leave it feeling soft and manageable. Imagine your beard as a thirsty plant, and Beard Polish is the water. It will keep your beard looking and feeling great. So make sure you water your beard and give it the love it deserves with the Original Beard Polish.

How do I know if I need Beard Polish?

If you have a beard, you need beard oil. You want to have a healthy, soft and shiny beard. You don’t want beardruff. You want to increase the softness of your beard. You need beard oil if you want to have a healthier skin.

Beard Polish Benefits

    Polish Benefits:

  • Additional ingredients from the potion that hydrate the skin
  • Extra control to style and shape your beard
  • Additional ingredient that promote healthy hair follicles


  • Contains shea butter with a hint of beeswax for the added control
  • Use the polish with or without the Beard Mountain beard potion
  • Smells great and makes you smell great


  • Keeps your beard smooth soft healthy and shiny
  • Use on any length or thickness of beard


  • arganArgan is a key ingredient in the Beard Mountain Beard Polish.

  • bees waxBees wax is a core ingredient in the Beard Mountain Beard Grooming polish.

  • bergamotBergamot is a special key ingredient in the Original scent from Beard Mountain

  • cedarwoodCedarwood essential oil helps create the original scent from Beard Mountain.

  • grape seedGrape seed adds to the base of the Beard Mountain Beard Oil and other Beard Grooming products.

  • jojobaJojoba is an ingredient in the Badlands scent from Beard Mountain

  • lemonLemon helps to create the citrus in the Original scent from Beard Mountain.

  • mintMint helps to create the fresh scent in the original scent from Beard Mountain.

  • pinePine is an ingredient in the original scent from Beard Mountain.

  • rosemaryRosemary is a subtle ingredient in the original scent from Beard Mountain.

  • shea butterShea butter is a core ingredient in Beard Mountain beard polish.

  • thymeThyme an ingredient in the Original scent from Beard Mountain.

Beard Polish Instructions for Use

To use Beard Polish

Always use a small area of the skin to check for allergy or reactions the first time you use any new product.

The application of Beard Mountain beard polish is very simple, but the steps are important for great results.  First take a small glob of Polish with a finger, a pea sized chunk is good for a small or medium beard and a fingernail sized blob is good for a large, thick beard.  Take the blob and wipe it onto your palm and rub your palms together vigorously in a circular motion to melt the Beard Polish in your hands.  Make sure it is all melted.  Rub the melted polish directly into your beard by wiping, massaging, and running your fingers through your beard to evenly distribute the polish.  You should notice an amazing smell almost immediately.  After you are done rubbing in the polish, you can run a comb or brush through your beard to shape it or just manipulate it and shape it with your hands.  Because the beard polish was melted first it will leave only a shine.  Use once or twice a day.  Applying the beard polish after showering will give you amazing shaping results.

Any shape and any look is yours with Beard Mountain beard polish.

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