Ponderosa Beard Oil

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  Beard oil is for the skin under your beard and for softening your beard whiskers.  This scent smells of warm vanilla baking in a fresh pine forest.  It is a blend of natural essential and botanical oils that keep you refreshed and comfortable.  Use in the morning or during the day to freshen up and stop the itch anywhere.

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about this Beard Mountain product

 Ponderosa Beard beard oil is a blend of natural fragrances including Pine, Vanilla, and essential oils combined to give you a crisp scent that will leave you feeling refreshed.  It smells just like you expect it to without being too overbearing.  

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Ponderosa Beard Oil is the perfect beard oil for people who want to smell and feel great without the complexity and edge that other scents can have.  This is the smell that would be created while cooking pies in a log cabin in the forest.  It is designed to condition the skin under your beard, soften your beard whiskers to stop them from poking which combines to stop the itch fast and keep it from coming back.  The oil is made with therapeutic-grade ingredients that go beyond providing a healthy appearance to your face.  Ponderosa Beard Potion works to repair hair follicles, increase circulation, and provide a smooth surface on which your beards will grow.  The ingredients needed for this perfect beard oil were hard to find.  A true back-country essential oil blend cannot be achieved by just anyone but here at Beard Mountain, we did the work to get it just right.  The cost of importing this oil was well worth it.  If you don't like our product we don't want your money.  Go to the bottom and click on Refund Policy to read the details.

How do I know if I need Beard Oil?

If you have a beard or are in the process of growing one, you need Beard Mountain Beard Potion beard oil. Using our beard oil makes growing and maintaining a beard easy and comfortable. Beard Mountain oil gives you soft healthy skin and a smooth shiny beard. No more beardruff. Get rid of dry skin. Stop scratchy whiskers.


    Potion Benefits:

  • Stops the itch and irritation
  • Promotes healthy natural beard growth
  • Stimulates hair follicles and keeps them healthy


  • Contains natural antiseptic and antifungal properties
  • Hydrates and nurtures the skin under your beard
  • Relaxes dry and scraggly whiskers


  • Makes you smell great
  • Keeps your beard smooth soft healthy and shiny
  • Use as a leave-in conditioner
  • Use on any length or thickness of beard


  • - jojoba -Jojoba is an ingredient in the Badlands scent from Beard Mountain

  • - grape seed -Grape seed a unique ingredients add a bit of flare to the Beard Mountain Badlands Scent

  • - argan -Argan is a key ingredient in the Beard Mountain Badlands Beard Oil.

  • - pine -

  • - vanilla -Vanilla is the key ingredient in creating the Ponderosa scent for Beard Mountain

Instructions for use

To use the Beard Potion

Always use a small area of the skin to check for allergy or reactions the first time you use any new product.  

Shake before use then apply a penny-sized amount to your hand and rub between your palms and even onto your fingers.  Apply to your face by trying to rub into skin beneath the beard as the goal is to condition your skin with the polish.  This will also cover the hair of your beard as well and if you require more beard shaping you can apply the beard polish next.  Apply once or twice a day and after showers to recondition your facial skin.  If the fragrance is overwhelming, you've used too much, so reduce the number of drops during the next application for a more balanced and desirable smell.  Use the beard polish for a quick way to freshen up after a long day or after things like cigar smoking to smell great anytime of day.  If a reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately.

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