Ponderosa Beard Potion (oil)

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This beard oil is a fusion of natural ingredients that will leave your face feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing. A blend of essential oils such as Pine and Vanilla and essential oils combine to give you a crisp scent that will leave you feeling refreshed.

about the product

SCENT: The perfect mix between pine and that back home vanilla that everyone knows!

Picture the scene, the sun is rising on a fresh Sunday morning, you walk out the front-door of your hunting lodge surrounded by the tall pines and an abundance of Whitetail, take a deep breath and absorb the clean backcountry air. Ponderosa Beard Oil is the perfect beard oil for beards of all sizes and shapes. It's designed to give your beard the best shape, texture, and shine it can have. The oil is made with therapeutic grade ingredients that go beyond providing a healthy appearance to your face. Ponderosa Beard Oil works to repair hair follicles, increase circulation, and provide a smooth surface on which your beards will grow. The ingredients needed for this perfect beard oil were hard to find. A true back-country essential oil blend is hard to come by these days. The cost of importing this oil was well worth it. This oil contains a mixture of Jojoba, Grape Seed, Argan, Pine Oil and Vanilla. These oils are designed to keep your beard and face feeling healthy and looking great.

How do I know if I need Beard Oil?

If you have a beard, you need beard oil. You want to have a healthy, soft and shiny beard. You don’t want beardruff. You want to increase the softness of your beard. You need beard oil if you want to have a healthier skin. ingredients: jojoba grape seed argan pine vanilla

Ponderosa Beard Potion (oil) Benefits


  • jojobaJojoba is an ingredient in the Badlands scent from Beard Mountain

  • grape seedGrape seed a unique ingredients add a bit of flare to the Beard Mountain Badlands Scent

  • arganArgan is a key ingredient in the Beard Mountain Badlands Beard Oil.

  • pine

  • vanillaVanilla is the key ingredient in creating the Ponderosa scent for Beard Mountain


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How to apply


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