Ponderosa Mustache Tranquilizer

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Beard Mountain is proud to announce the release of Ponderosa Mustache Wax. The wax enhances facial hair with a subtle scent of pine and vanilla. With a firm enough hold for no-wax holders, yet soft enough to not be too abrasive, Ponderosa Mustache Wax will leave you looking like you've just stepped out of an early Wild West movie!

about the product


No More Prickly Mustache! Shea Butter and Beard Potion soften, condition, and put your whiskers at ease. Our mustache wax goes on like Chap-Stick and holds your stache where you want it and can be applied to any mustache color or style to give you a great natural look.  This mustache wax is full of healthy oils and butters like shea butter and jojoba oil. This helps to soften the hair and make it easy to style. As you can see, this mustache wax has a ton of awesome ingredients in it. In other words, your mustache will look amazing and you will feel great about putting this on your face. This mustache wax is firm enough to take a shape but soft enough to not be irritating on the skin. It has a medium hold that will last most of the day. The mustache wax comes in a 'Chapstick' like container and can be carried around like such. The container is 3 inches long and 1 inch wide, small enough to fit in your pocket. Just twist the top off, and twist the bottom to get it going. Apply it to the mustache with your fingers or a brush. Then shape it to your liking with your fingers or comb. The wax helps style your mustache and hold it in place all day. This mustache wax has a subtle pine and vanilla scent. Pine is one of the most classic smells of the early American West. It's refreshing, it's invigorating, it's classic. The vanilla rounds out the smell to give it some sweetness without being overpowering. The vanilla compliments pine very well. This mustache wax will work well in humid or dry conditions. It will work with your skin type no matter what it is and will hold throughout the day. This stuff really is the best mustache wax around! If you are interested in trying out this mustache wax, it is available for sale right now.

How do I know if I need a Mustache Tranquilizer?

If you're looking for a mustache wax that gives you a clean, natural hold, doesn't feel like tree sap, and gives you a noticeably softer mustache, then you've come to the right place!

Ponderosa Mustache Tranquilizer Benefits


  • arganArgan Oil Is the secrent ingredient in Beard Mountain's Ponderosa Scent

  • Bees WaxBee On Plant - Beeswax is a core ingredient in Beard Mountain mustache wax

  • Grape SeedGrapeseed oil is a key ingredient in Beard Mountain's mustache wax.

  • jojobaJojoba is a key ingredient in beard mountain mustache tranquilizer.

  • pinePine scent is a minor but key ingredient in the scent of Beard Mountain's Ponderosa Scent

  • Shea ButterShea butter adds the moisturizing  benefits to the mustache tranquilizer from Beard Mountain.

  • vanillaVanilla is the base and most important layer in the Ponderosa scent for Beard Mountain.


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