Saw Mill Beard Potion (oil)

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 A combination of natural and organic oils, Sawmill beard oil is an ideal blend for creating a healthy, full-bodied beard. Sawmill beard oil will keep your facial hair nourished and conditioned, while softening and creating a shine that will make your beard stand out. Tested on beards everywhere, 

about the product

SCENT: A woodsy yet refreshing blend of Cedarwood and Sandalwood.

The only beard oil you need for a great beard. Beard Mountain's beard oil is a natural blend of all-natural, organic oils that will nourish and condition your beard, making it soft and manageable. Sawmill beard oil is crafted with a unique blend of Cedarwood, Argan, Jojoba, and Grape Seed oils. This combination of oils will help to maintain a healthy beard that is soft, shiny, and great to the touch. The bottle features an easy to use pump top that allows for easy application, and the lightweight, non-greasy oil will not weigh down your beard or make your skin greasy. Sawmill beard oil is the perfect beard oil for any man wanting to grow an epic beard, while keeping it healthy and looking great. Imagine the feeling of having a smooth, soft beard that is easy to manage and smells great. Sawmill beard oil can help you achieve that look and feel.Sawmill beard oil is a light, yet powerful blend of all natural oils that will leave your beard feeling great all day long.

How do I know if I need Beard Oil?

If you have a beard, you need beard oil. You want to have a healthy, soft and shiny beard. You don’t want beardruff. You want to increase the softness of your beard. You need beard oil if you want to have a healthier skin. ingredients: jojoba grape seed argan sandalwood Cedarwood

Saw Mill Beard Potion (oil) Benefits


  • jojobaJojoba is an ingredient in the beard oil from Beard Mountain

  • grape seedGrape seed adds to the base of the Beard Mountain Beard Oil and other Beard Grooming products.

  • arganArgan is a key ingredient in the Beard Mountain Beard Oil.

  • sandalwoodSandalwood is a special ingredient in the new Sawmill scent from Beard Mountain

  • CedarwoodCedarwood is another key ingredient in the Sawmill scent


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