Southern Spice Beard Potion (oil)

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Cloves, lime and oranges come together to create a fresh, citrusy scent that is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

about the product

SCENT: Smells just like an early brisk morning in a field full of clove and citrus trees!

Cloves are a very familiar spice to most people. They are a part of the ever-popular holiday spice blend, and are also a key ingredient in many holiday recipes. What most people don't know about cloves is that they are also a very familiar scent in the kitchen. Cloves are the main ingredient in many curry powders and are also a key ingredient in many baking recipes. The clove scent is very warm and inviting, and when combined with the citrus notes of oranges and lime, it creates a very refreshing scent that is both fresh and spicy. This is a scent that is perfect for the summer months, but it also works well in the colder months.This is an oil based formula that is made up of a blend of oils that are designed to help moisturize, repair and condition your beard. This is a medium hold oil that is designed to keep your beard looking great all day long. This oil is also designed to help keep your skin healthy and moisturized.This oil comes in a 1 oz amber glass bottle that has a dropper style top. The bottle is very nice and has a very clean look to it.This oil has a very light, citrus scent to it. The scent is very refreshing and clean.

How do I know if I need Beard Oil?

If you have a beard, you need beard oil. You want to have a healthy, soft and shiny beard. You don’t want beardruff. You want to increase the softness of your beard. You need beard oil if you want to have a healthier skin. ingredients: jojoba grape seed argan lime clove orange

Southern Spice Beard Potion (oil) Benefits


  • jojobaJojoba is an ingredient in the Badlands scent from Beard Mountain

  • grape seedGrape seed a unique ingredients add a bit of flare to the Beard Mountain Badlands Scent

  • arganArgan is a key ingredient in the Beard Mountain Badlands Beard Oil.

  • limeLime is a special ingredient in the citrus grove scent from Beard Mountain.

  • cloveCloves are a special ingredient in the southern spice scent from Beard Mountain

  • orangeOranges are the inviting sweet citrus scent that help to make the southern spice scent from Beard Mountain


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